Section 10-1. Planning and facilitation of the work

The employer shall plan the work and check the procedures for the systematic working environment work, so that the work can be carried out with adequate regard to health and safety.
  1. a.
    Measures shall be implemented to eliminate or prevent risk factors. Insofar as it is possible, measures to reduce exposure to risk factors shall be implemented at the source.
  2. b.
    Collective protective measures shall be given priority over personal protective measures.
  3. c.
    In connection with the planning and facilitation of the work, an account shall be taken of the employees' circumstances and the need for variation in the work. Insofar as it is possible, arrangements shall be made to adapt the work to the individual employees to avoid unfortunate strains.
  4. d.
    The presence of hazardous chemicals and biological agents shall be avoided. If this proves impossible in practice, the quantity shall be reduced to a minimum. The number of employees who are or may be exposed to hazardous chemicals or biological agents shall be as low as possible.
  5. e.
    A substance index shall be established for the hazardous substances that are handled in the undertaking.
  6. f.
    Ergonomic principles shall form the basis for both work positions and adaptation to the workplace in connection with the use of work equipment. It must be possible to vary work positions and avoid static work. As far as possible, the work must not involve movements or positions that may cause harm to health.
  7. g.
    The work shall be planned and executed in a manner that ensures that the employees are protected from dust, vibrations and artificial optical radiation.
  8. h.
    Measures shall be implemented to protect employees who have access to danger zones.
  9. i.
    Safe access shall be ensured where the workplace is difficult to access. For work at height, a work platform or scaffold shall be provided if necessary.
  10. j.
    Procedures shall be prepared that ensure that traffic routes/passageways and escape routes are open and accessible.
  11. k.
    Workspaces and premises shall be kept tidy and properly cleaned.
  12. l.
    Expedient first-aid equipment shall be available in all places where the working conditions so require.
  13. m.
    Working hour arrangements shall be organised to safeguard health and safety.
  14. n.
    The work shall be planned and executed in such a way that the employees are protected from violence and threats of violence as far as possible.
  15. o.
    The work shall be planned and carried out in such a manner that others carrying out work at the same workplace are not exposed to health risks or risks of accidents.