Section 9-3. Requirements for professional qualifications for nationals of another EEA country or Switzerland who intend to set up business in Norway and work under water or under increased ambient pressure

A permit shall be granted to persons who, for two years during the past ten years, have practised the profession full-time in another EEA country or Switzerland where the profession is not regulated by law, provided that they hold one or more certificates of competence or proof that the applicant is qualified to perform the work. The requirement for two years’ practice does not apply if the applicant holds a certificate of competence or proof of qualification from a study programme regulated by law.
The applicant shall in any case present a proof of medical fitness in the form of the document required in another EEA country or Switzerland, or in the applicant’s most recent state of residence of these countries, for access to or practising of the profession, or, if these countries do not require documentation as mentioned, a certificate issued by the competent authority in the state that corresponds to the certificates issued in Norway. The proof of medical fitness may be required to be no more than three months old at the time it is presented.
If the nature of the training that the applicant has competed is materially different than what follows from Sections 26-20 and 26-21 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, the applicant must take an aptitude test before a permit can be granted. The Labour Inspection Authority adopts more detailed guidelines for such aptitude tests.
The Labour Inspection Authority shall confirm receipt of the application to the applicant and, if necessary, request necessary information within a month of receiving such an application.
The application shall be considered as soon as possible, and no later than four months after complete documentation was submitted.
If no decision is made by the expiry of the deadline, the matter may be appealed to a superior authority in accordance with the rules set out in Section 18-6(7) of the Working Environment Act.