Section 2-4. Requirement for assistance from the occupational health service

The occupational health service is obligated to organise its assistance to the undertaking based on the risk factors in the undertaking that have triggered an obligation for the occupational health service. The occupational health service’s overall assistance must focus on the preventive occupational health, safety and environmental work.
The occupational health service’s assistance must be in compliance with Sections 13-2 and 13-3 of the Regulations concerning Organisation, Management and Employee Participation. The occupational health service must also assist the employer with the matters that are listed in Section 13-2 a–h, and, in cooperation with the employer, assist in preparing the documentation stipulated in Section 13-3 a–c.
The occupational health service must be able to document that the assistance provided satisfies the above-mentioned requirements, and document how they prioritise the assistance that is focused on the preventive risk-based work in the undertakings.
Services in addition to what is stated in the first, second and third paragraphs constitute additional services and must be differentiated as such. The scope of additional services must be documented in written descriptions of deliveries, and possibly also in contracts and invoices