Section 8-3. Requirements for training providers providing safety training to workers who are to take part in work under water or under increased ambient pressure

Undertakings that provide safety training for the performance of work under water or under increased ambient pressure shall, as a minimum, ensure and be able to document:
  1. a.
    that training is provided in accordance with the requirements in Chapter 8 of the Regulations concerning Organisation, Management and Employee Participation and sections 26-21, 26-22 and 26-23 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work
  2. b.
    preparation of dedicated plans for the safety training;
  3. c.
    that the training follows the plans for safety training;
  4. d.
    that the person providing the safety training has the necessary knowledge and experience, cf. Section 26-17;
  5. e.
    necessary knowledge about applicable laws and regulations in the area;
  6. f.
    necessary training in the preparation and use of risk assessments;
  7. g.
    sufficient capacity for safety training;
  8. h.
    that the safety training is organised independently of the undertaking’s other activities;
  9. i.
    necessary premises and equipment;
  10. j.
    that final tests are held on completion of the safety training;
  11. k.
    necessary qualifications for issuing diving certificates for successfully completed safety training in diving;
  12. l.
    keeping of a register of persons who have undergone training;
  13. m.
    insurance cover for personal injuries that may arise in connection with the safety training.