Section 9-4. Requirements for nationals of another EEA country or Switzerland who are to work temporarily in Norway and work under water or under increased ambient pressure

In cases as mentioned in Section 9-3 first paragraph, a permit shall be granted if the applicant presents documentation that he/she is legally established in another EEA country or Switzerland and is not in any way banned from practising his/her profession.
The Labour Inspection Authority shall endeavour to decide the case within a month of receiving the application. If there is a risk that the decision can be delayed, the applicant shall be notified within a month of the reason for the delay and the expected time of a decision, which must be made no later than two months after complete documentation has been received.
Where there is a material difference between the applicant’s professional qualifications and the education and training required pursuant to Sections 26-20 and 26-21 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, and to the extent that such a difference can be harmful to health or safety, the applicant shall be given an opportunity to demonstrate, with the help of an aptitude test, that he/she possesses the required knowledge or competence. If it is decided that the applicant must take an aptitude test in accordance with the deadlines set out in the previous paragraph, the applicant shall be offered to take this test within a month. If the applicant is not offered to take an aptitude test within a month, the applicant may practise the profession. The Labour Inspection Authority adopts more detailed guidelines for such aptitude tests.
If there is no response by the deadlines stipulated in the second and third paragraphs, the applicant may perform the work.