Section 8-1. Requirements for training providers that intend to provide certified safety training in the use of work equipment

Undertakings that intend to provide certified safety training in accordance with Chapter 10 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work must be certified by a certification body.
As a minimum, the undertaking shall meet the following requirements:
  1. a.
    the training shall be provided in accordance with plans for safety training;
  2. b.
    the requirements in Section 10-2 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work shall be met;
  3. c.
    the person providing the safety training shall have the knowledge and experience needed to provide such training;
  4. d.
    it shall have knowledge about applicable laws, regulations and standards in the area concerned;
  5. e.
    during the safety training, it shall only use work equipment that complies with the requirements in these regulations;
  6. f.
    it shall have the capacity to provide safety training;
  7. g.
    the safety training shall be organised independently of the undertaking’s other activities;
  8. h.
    it shall have necessary premises and equipment at its disposal;
  9. i.
    as far as reasonable and possible, it shall be able to adapt the training so that safety training can also be provided for persons with disabilities if their disability is not an obstacle to performing the work;
  10. j.
    it shall be able to organise aptitude tests and trial periods for citizens from another EEA country or Switzerland who apply to the Labour Inspection Authority for a permit under Sections 9-1 and 9-2,
  11. k.
    it shall hold final tests on completion of the safety training;
  12. l.
    it shall have the necessary qualifications to be able to issue documentation of successfully completed safety training;
  13. m.
    it shall ensure that trained persons are registered in licenced registers as necessary;
  14. n.
    it shall have insurance to cover the risk of personal injuries in connection with the safety training.
Compliance with the requirements in the second paragraph shall be documented.