Section 8-7. Inspection of work equipment by an enterprise of competence

An enterprise of competence shall inspect the work equipment to ensure that it complies with the requirements for work equipment set out in Section 10-6 of the Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, and that it is properly installed, assembled and maintained.
The inspection shall include the following in particular:
  1. a.
    inspection of the parts of the work equipment that are important to safety and the working environment and that will be exposed to wear and tear, cracks, damage, corrosion etc.;
  2. b.
    function testing with appropriate loads;
  3. c.
    inspection of protective structures;
  4. d.
    inspection of the presence of instructions for use, operation and maintenance that are of importance to safety.
The enterprise of competence shall document the inspection and certify that it is completely safe to use of the work equipment.