Section 8-6. Requirements for enterprises of competence for the inspection of work equipment

Enterprises of competence shall be certified by a certification body.
Enterprises of competence shall have sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the area they intend to operate in.
Enterprises of competence shall carry out the work with professional integrity, technical competence and independence. The work shall be arranged so as to prevent the undertaking or the employees from being affected by pressure or inducements that can influence the result of their inspections.
To be able to properly perform their duties, enterprises of competence shall have:
  1. a.
    an organisation adapted to the activities to be carried out;
  2. b.
    necessary competent personnel;
  3. c.
    necessary equipment and aids;
  4. d.
    access to equipment that they themselves do not have, and that is necessary to be able to carry out the inspection;
  5. e.
    description of the procedures for the inspection.
The personnel who are to perform the inspection shall have:
  1. a.
    a good technical background;
  2. b.
    knowledge about applicable laws, regulations and standards;
  3. c.
    knowledge and experience of the inspection to be carried out;
  4. d.
    the skills required to prepare documentation of completed inspection.
Enterprises of competence have a duty of secrecy in relation to technical and business matters that are important to keep secret for reasons of competition.
Enterprises of competence shall take out liability insurance.
Compliance with the requirements in this paragraph shall be documented.