Section 8-5. Requirements relating to diving certificates

Diving certificates shall be uniform, in a convenient format and be difficult to forge. They shall contain the following information:
  1. a.
    name and logo of the training provider and Norway's national emblem;
  2. b.
    name, date of birth and nationality of the person who has undergone the safety training;
  3. c.
    photograph of the person who has undergone training;
  4. d.
    signature of the holder;
  5. e.
    the class of training completed;
  6. f.
    certificate number;
  7. g.
    date of issue;
  8. h.
    the following sentence: «Dykkerbeviset er kun gyldig sammen med gyldig helseerklæring» («The diving certificate is only valid together with a valid medical certificate»).
Anyone who is to perform rescue diving must document professional qualifications in addition to the diving certificate.