Section 12-2. Conditions for consent

The Labour Inspection Authority can set the following conditions for consent pursuant to Section 18-9 of the Working Environment Act:
  1. a.
    that measures to improve the working environment be implemented over and above the changes mentioned in the application;
  2. b.
    that the Labour Inspection Authority be kept up to date about projects of a nature whereby the detailed plans cannot be presented in advance and that such plans be presented and approved as they become available. In such cases, the Labour Inspection Authority may also demand to be kept up to date about any comments from the working environment committee or safety representative in step with their consideration of the plans;
  3. c.
    that inspection or testing be carried out as the Labour Inspection Authority finds necessary before any use of changed systems/installations, production processes or equipment.
The Labour Inspection Authority may consent to construction work or other changes being initiated before it has completed its consideration of the plans, provided that it finds that working environment considerations give no cause for worry. The Authority may set conditions for such consent.