Section 13-1. Approval, after-inspection, documentation etc. of work equipment

When it is deemed necessary in order to ensure that work equipment is designed and equipped with protective devices in accordance with the requirements set out in the Working Environment Act with pertaining regulations, the Labour Inspection Authority may require:
  1. a.
    type approval of work equipment before use in Norway;
  2. b.
    after-inspection of work equipment to establish that it corresponds to the type-approved model;
  3. c.
    approval of technical devices by the Labour Inspection Authority, an expert institution or expert approved by the Labour Inspection Authority;
  4. d.
    documentation that shows that the work equipment is approved by a foreign authority or testing station;
  5. e.
    self-inspection of work equipment substantiated by a report on control measures, or other documentation.
In connection with the approval schemes mentioned in the first paragraph, the Labour Inspection Authority may require that work equipment manufacturers have personnel with the necessary professional qualifications and that the manufacturer inspects the materials, components, production and the finished product.
Subsequent inspections may also be required, and that they shall be carried out by persons with certain professional qualifications.