Section 14-1. Fees for the processing of building applications pursuant to Section 18-9 of the Working Environment Act

The Labour Inspection Authority shall calculate and collect fees for the processing of applications for consent pursuant to Section 18-9, first paragraph, of the Working Environment Act. The fee shall not exceed the cost of providing the service. The fee is determined based on a division into five categories of buildings and the number of square metres:
  • Category 1: Public buildings and commercial buildings without fixed workstations; maximum fee NOK 3,895.
  • Category 2: Commercial buildings with fixed workstations without mechanical processes and pollution; maximum fee NOK 11,685.
  • Category 3: Commercial buildings with fixed workstations and with mechanical processes and risk of pollution; maximum fee NOK 23,370.
  • Category 4: Major building complexes, for example airport developments and shopping centres, that require considerably more work than what is stipulated in the individual categories; the fee is decided in each individual case.
  • Category 5: Individual cases that do not fall into any of the above-mentioned categories, for example ventilation cases and technical building installations; maximum fee NOK 1,126.
    The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority may index-adjust the fees annually in accordance with the adjustments in the fiscal budget for wage and price increases.
This section does not apply to Svalbard.