Section 43. Prohibition on clothing that partly or fully covers the face

Students and staff must not wear clothing that partly or fully covers the face in connection with teaching or similar activities, including during excursions, expeditions etc. in conjunction with the educational institution's teaching activity. This prohibition does not apply if such clothing is being worn for reasons of climate, education, health or safety.
A student who, despite a written warning, has worn clothing which partly or fully covers the face in violation of the first subsection, may be expelled for up to one year. If the student, despite a written warning does not comply with a decision concerning expulsion, the student may be excluded from the education for up to one year. A decision on expulsion can be made by the rector or a person authorised by the rector. A decision concerning exclusion can be made by the board itself or by the institution's appeals committee. A decision on expulsion or exclusion may be appealed to the institution's appeals committee or the national appeals body for tertiary vocational education, cf. Section 13.
If a member of staff acts in violation of the prohibition in the first subsection, the staff member must be asked to remove the clothing that covers the face. Repeated violations of the prohibition may lead to dismissal.