Section 20. Appeals committees

A tertiary vocational college must set up a local appeals committee that will consider appeals of individual decisions. The board may decide that the appeals committee must also consider other appeal cases from the students and cases pursuant to Sections 23-27. The authority to make decisions pursuant to Sections 23-27 cannot be delegated to other committees at the college.
The local appeals committee must have five members with personal deputies. The chairperson and his/her deputy must meet the legal requirements for judges in the court of appeal and must not be employed by the tertiary vocational college. Two of the appeals body members must be students.
The appeals committee forms a quorum when the chairperson or his/her deputy and at least two other members or deputies are present.
The local appeals committee's decisions in cases concerning individual decisions made by the tertiary vocational college, cannot be appealed.
The Ministry may issue regulations concerning a national appeals committee for tertiary vocational education which will consider appeals of individual decisions in certain areas and the case management in appeals cases.