Section 16. Admission

To be admitted to tertiary vocational education, applicants must have completed and passed upper secondary education.
Applicants who are age 23 or older in the year of admission, may be admitted based on equivalent prior learning and work experience. With regard to tertiary vocational courses in creative and performing arts, applicants who meet particular academic requirements defined by the college, may be admitted on the basis of their prior learning and work experience and an entrance test if they are age 19 or older in the year of admission. The Ministry stipulates in regulations which education in creative and performing arts may be comprised by the exemption from the age 23 requirement for admission based on prior learning and work experience, and may also stipulate further academic requirements, including an upper limit for how many may be admitted through the exemption scheme over a certain period.
The Ministry may issue regulations concerning national admission coordination and national admission rules, inter alia concerning admission criteria, ranking of applicants and processing of appeals.
The board itself must provide supplementary regulations concerning admission to their college, with requirements for formal education or equivalent prior learning and work experience.