Section 22. Right to have an explanation and to appeal the grading

A student is entitled to an explanation for the grading. If the grade is given for an oral examination or an assessment of practical skills, the student must request such an explanation immediately after the grade has been communicated. If the grade is announced electronically, and the student can request an explanation electronically, the student must request such explanation within one week of the grade having been announced. If the grade is announced in some other way, the student must request an explanation within one week from when he/she learnt about the grade, however no later than three weeks after the grade was announced.
The explanation must be given within two weeks after the student's request. If the explanation cannot be given within two weeks, the student must be informed of this and also be told when the explanation can be expected. The explanation must state the general principles used in the assessment and for the specific assessment of the student's performance. The explanation can be given in oral or written form.
If written guidelines have been provided for the assessment, the students must be given access to them once the grade has been set.
A student may submit a written appeal over a grade within three weeks of the examination result being announced. A re-grading will then be conducted. For a re-grading, the examiners will not be informed of the original grade, the examiner's reasons for the grade or the student's reasons for the appeal. If the student has requested an explanation for or appealed concerning procedural errors, the appeal deadline starts from when the student received the explanation, or until the appeal of procedural errors has been finally decided. If a continuous assessment with grading is used, the tertiary vocational college can decide whether the student may appeal after each assessment, or only when the result has been announced.
A student cannot appeal an assessment of an oral performance, of practical training or similar that, due to their nature, cannot be re-tested.
A student cannot appeal the result of a re-grading.