Section 24. Annulment of examination or test

If a student has used a forged certificate or other forged documents or has acted dishonestly in some other way and therefore has been allowed to sit an exam or a test or perform some other work that is assessed with a grade, the board may annul the result. The board may also annul the approval of courses if a student has been given the right to study on a similarly dishonest basis.
The board may annul the result of an examination, test or similar or the approval of a topic if a student has cheated with intent or gross negligence, or intentionally has attempted to cheat in connection with the examination, test, etc. or while working on the course.
If a student has been granted an exemption or recognition pursuant to Section 8 by using a forged certificate or other forged documents, or has acted dishonestly in some other way, the board may annul the exemption or the recognition.
A student may appeal a decision regarding annulment. The Ministry or the national appeals body for tertiary vocational education is the appeals body, cf. Section 20, fifth subsection.
The opportunity to annul does not become obsolete.
Once the board has made a decision to annul, the student must return any diplomas and transcripts of grades to the tertiary vocational college. A final decision to annul pursuant to the first or second subsection is a particular basis for execution pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Enforcement Act.