Section 41. National certificate and grades portal (Diploma Registry)

The national certificate and grades portal must ensure truthful information on certificates and grades and prevent the use of forged certificates and grade printouts. The State, represented by the Ministry, is the owner of the portal.
A person's personal identity number, D number and information that can identify the educational institutions which have information about this person's educational performance in their databases, are entered in the portal automatically, whether or not the person in question has started using the portal. Certificates and grades must only be obtained from the educational institution when the person in question has started using the portal. The person in question determines who may be given access to the information in the portal, what information they may be given access to, and for what period.
The administrative body which is responsible for the Diploma Registry, is also the controller of the personal data in the portal. The Ministry may issue regulations concerning the portal, inter alia on what information must be registered, and how the information must be processed.