Section 28. Right to leave of absence in connection with birth and caring for children

A student who has a child while studying, must be granted leave of absence from the institution during the pregnancy and to care for the child. The student retains his/her status as a student at the tertiary vocational college during his/her leave of absence and is entitled to resume his/her education at the same level as before the leave. A pregnant student is entitled to have her examination postponed if the exam date falls in the period between three weeks before her due date and six weeks after the birth. A student who becomes a father is entitled to have his examination postponed if the exam date is two weeks or less after the birth. The Ministry may issue further provisions concerning the right to have an examination postponed due to a birth. The provisions in Sections 12-1 to 12-5 and Section 12-7 of the Working Environment Act apply as far as appropriate.
The tertiary vocational college must facilitate matters so that students who have leave of absence pursuant to the first subsection, may resume their education as quickly as possible after the leave.
The right to leave of absence and postponed examination applies correspondingly for adoptions.