Section 6. Protection of the designations tertiary vocational education and tertiary vocational college

The designations «fagskoleutdanning» (tertiary vocational education) and «fagskole» (tertiary vocational college) may only be used for educations and colleges that are accredited pursuant to Section 5. Only educations and colleges that have accreditation pursuant to Section 5 may be marketed in a way that conveys the impression they have such accreditation.
The Ministry may by means of an individual decision prohibit the use of a designation or a name that incorrectly gives the impression that an enterprise has accreditation to provide tertiary vocational education, or that may be confused with a designation as mentioned in the first subsection.
On application, the Ministry may permit the use of established compound designations, even though they may be confused with the designations tertiary vocational college or tertiary vocational education.
The Ministry may impose a violation penalty on enterprises that wilfully or negligently
  1. a.
    use the designation tertiary vocational college or tertiary vocational education without having the necessary accreditation
  2. b.
    market a college or an education in a manner that conveys the incorrect impression that it is accredited as a tertiary vocational college or a tertiary vocational education
  3. c.
    violates a prohibition as mentioned in the second subsection against use of designations or names.
The Ministry may issue regulations concerning violation penalties. A final decision to impose a violation penalty is enforceable by execution.