Section 7-1. Ventilation and fume extraction

Work premises and workplaces, or other areas to which employees have access and where the work or processes may lead to pollution of the air, shall be provided with mechanical ventilation and process-adapted fume extractors so that the concentration of chemicals in the working atmosphere is kept at a completely safe level with regard to health and explosion hazards.
Ventilation and process-adapted fume extractors are to:
  1. a.
    remove the pollution at source so as to reduce exposure and the need for using use breathing protection to a minimum;
  2. b.
    reduce exposure to pollution throughout the zone that is occupied by people;
  3. c.
    prevent the spread of pollution to other premises.
Confined manholes, tunnels, pump stations and similar must have ventilation to ensure a supply of fresh air to all places where work is carried out.
Automatic notification of faults in ventilation systems and fume extractors must be given where necessary out of consideration for the employees’ health and safety.