Section 2-20. Loading ramps, loading bays, tipping sites and quays

Loading ramps, quays and loading bays, including goods receptions, must be dimensioned for the goods to be transported and the equipment to be used for transportation and handling of the goods. Information about permitted loads must be visible and easy to understand.
Loading ramps must have at least one exit. More than one exit must be provided where technically possible and required due to the length of the loading ramp.
Loading ramps, quays etc. must be secured to prevent employees from falling down.
Permanent tipping sites and other areas where the use of vehicles can entail a particular risk must be equipped with barriers that prevent vehicles from running over the edge.
Quay facilities must be provided with edge rails dimensioned to take account of the use of the quay.
Quay facilities must be provided with mooring bollards of a type that allows vessels to be moored safely, and that are so solid that they will certainly withstand the loads to which they may be exposed. The bollards must not be placed so that moorings will block ordinary traffic and transport on the quay.