Section 2-5. Safety in connection with cleaning, maintenance, installation etc.

Buildings, building elements and installations shall be designed, placed and furnished in a way that allows maintenance and cleaning to take place free of risk.
Safe operation of windows, skylights and ventilation systems that can be opened or adjusted must be possible, and they must be designed and positioned so that they do not pose a danger to employees when they are open.
Before work is started on the installation, adjustment, testing and inspection of buildings or technical installations, safe access and necessary headroom and clear width must be ensured. Access to roofs shall preferably be through doors or hatches.
Building parts, skylights or structures that are too fragile to step on and where there is a risk of falling shall be secured by marking, barriers, walkways or other means of securing.
On buildings where the height under the eaves exceeds 5 m, loose ladders may only be used for access if they are braced/tied off. The ladder shall be long enough to extend 1 m above the roof.
Anchor points for safety lines shall be installed as necessary in expedient places where this is necessary for securing during the work.
Where necessary to ensure safety, hatches, doors and gates shall be provided with a safety mechanism so that they can be secured in open position. It must be possible to open them from either side.