Section 2-21. Escape routes and emergency exits

It must be possible to evacuate all workplaces and personnel rooms quickly and safely in situations of danger.
Buildings and workplaces must be equipped with an adequate number of escape routes and emergency exits, which must be open for free movement at all times and easy to open from the inside without any special aids. Doors in escape routes must open in the escape direction.
The number, distribution and dimensions of the escape routes and emergency exits must be adapted to the use, equipment and dimensions of the workplace, and the maximum number of persons that may be present.
Escape routes and emergency exits must lead as directly as possible to the open air or to an area of safety or room fitted out to protect against any dangers that may arise, and where the employees can remain in safety until they can be rescued or the danger is over.
In connection with underground rock work, there must be at least two solid and easily accessible exits to the surface. Should it prove impossible to establish two exits in connection with underground rock work other than mining, measures shall be taken to ensure that safe evacuation is possible.
Escape routes and doors placed in escape routes must be adequately marked.