Section 6-3. Securing against landslides, ingress of water etc.

Workplaces located at a height or depth shall be firm and stable at all times.
Workplaces, traffic and access routes that can be exposed to landslides, collapse, rock fall, ingress of water or similar must be secured by measures such as:
  1. a.
    when practicable in areas that have not been inspected and secured, the driver’s cab, manoeuvring platform or workplace on vehicles or equipment must be provided with a protective roof;
  2. b.
    cofferdams or caissons in appropriate material of sufficient strength and that are arranged so that employees can get to safety in the event of water ingress or landslides;
  3. c.
    sufficiently firm and stable design or shoring of sidewalls in trenches and shafts;
  4. d.
    stable execution of traffic routes, storage and parking areas, landfill sites, terraces, excavation faces etc. so that they are able to support the load of the machinery and equipment to be used. Terraces and traffic routes must be arranged and maintained to allow the safe movement of machinery.