Section 2-18. Traffic and access

Safe access shall be provided from public areas to work premises and personnel rooms, between personnel rooms and the individual workplaces, and between workplaces.
Where employees must use a boat to get to and from the workplace, safe transport shall be ensured.
If means of transport are used on traffic and access routes, pedestrian routes must be provided at an appropriately safe distance.
Vehicular traffic routes shall be located at an appropriate distance from doors, gates, pedestrian traffic routes, corridors and stairs. They shall be dimensioned based on the volume of traffic and the nature of the activities.
Workplaces and traffic routes including stairs, occupied by the employees during the work, shall be designed so that the movement of pedestrians and vehicles can take place with due regard to safety.
On building and construction sites where it is necessary to pass danger zones, covered or, alternatively, built-in traffic routes shall be provided.
The entrance to buildings or other structures under construction whose height exceeds 6 m shall be protected by screens or be adequately cordoned off. The same applies to areas near walls that are regularly occupied by employees.
Traffic and access routes shall be clearly marked if this is required to protect the employees.
Vehicular traffic routes shall be marked with permanent warning colours.