Section 3-6. Washrooms

Undertakings shall have a dedicated washroom or washing facilities.
Separate washrooms or washing facilities shall be provided for men and women, or provisions made for separate use of these rooms.
The floor of the washroom shall be designed and have a surface that prevents it from being slippery.
There must be sufficient floor space in front of the washstands.
Adequate and suitable showers shall be provided for the employees if required by the nature of the work or for health reasons.
The shower rooms must be sufficiently big to allow each individual employee enough room to wash under conditions of an appropriate standard of hygiene.
The showers must have running hot and cold water.
In cases where showers are not required, the washroom or washstand shall be provided with a hand basin with hot and cold water.
If shower rooms or hand basins are separate from the changing rooms, there must be easy access between them.