Section 2-1. Design and fitting out of workplaces and work premises

Work premises and the access to premises shall be designed and furnished with a view to the activities and workplaces that the premises will hold, and they shall provide an adequate standard of welfare.
Workplaces shall be dimensioned, arranged and adapted to the nature of the work, to the work equipment and to the individual employee. The floor space shall be big enough to provide free space for good and varied working positions and movements, and for the work and use of work equipment not to entail a risk to health and safety.
Work equipment shall be placed and assembled in relation to the surroundings so that the performance of work and the use and maintenance of work equipment do not entail a risk to health and safety.
Foundations and fastening devices for work equipment shall ensure that the appliance is stable.
Workplaces, work equipment and processes shall be screened off when work is performed that may entail strain, hazards or health risks for other employees due to, for example, light, radiation, spatter, noise or air pollution.
When designing and furnishing workplaces and work premises, special consideration must be paid to the risk of violence and threat of violence.