Section 2-22. Design of guard rails

Where guard rails are required, cf. Section 6-5, they must be of a height and design that ensure that protection is achieved and that employees are not exposed to danger.
The guard rails must be at least 1 metre high. On system scaffolds, the height of the guard rails can be reduced to an absolute minimum of 0.95.
The guard rails must not have openings that are so wide that there is a danger of employees falling through them. When horizontal strips are used as fall protection, there must be at least one knee board between the handrail and deck or toe board.
Where there is a risk of falling objects, the guard rails must be provided with a toe board that is at least 0.10 metres high. On scaffolds, toe boards must be at least 0.15 metres high. On wooden scaffolds with a deck height of less than 8 metres, the toe board must be at least 0.1 metres high. There must be no gap between the toe board and the decking. Other covering must be used where the toe board does not provide adequate protection.