Section 6. Mutual assistance in providing notification of decisions

If requested by the responsible authority in another EEA member state, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority must provide notification of a decision as stated in Section 18-11 of the Working Environment Act. The request may be rejected if the information in the request is incomplete or it is clear that there is no correlation between the request and the decision for which notification shall be provided. If a request is rejected, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority must, as soon as possible, provide notification of the rejection and the grounds for this to the responsible authority that sent the request.
The undertaking which the decision pertains to must be notified as soon as possible and no later than one month after the request was received. Documentation that accompanied the request must be sent together with the notification. Section 27 of the Public Administration Act shall apply insofar as this is applicable.
The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority shall notify the authority that has requested notification of when notification was sent to the undertaking.
The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority may submit a request to the responsible authority in other EEA member states to provide notification of decisions pursuant to Sections 18-7 (coercive fines) and 18-10 (administrative fines) of the Working Environment Act for breaches of working and employment conditions pursuant to Sections 3 and 3b of these Regulations, and breaches of documentation requirements pursuant to Section 4.