Section 3B. Working and employment conditions in the event of a long-term posting

In addition to the working and employment conditions stipulated in Section 3, all Norwegian rules relating to working and employment conditions shall apply for posted employees who are on service assignments in Norway, when the actual duration of the posting exceeds 12 months. However, this does not apply to the rules in Section 2 A-6, Section 14 A-1 to Section 14 A-5, Section 14-1 to Section 14-4b, Section 14-9 to Section 14-11, Section 15-1 to Section 15-8 and Section 15-10 to Section 15-17 of the Working Environment Act, and the Act relating to mandatory occupational pensions.
The period stated in paragraph one may be extended by up to six months if the employer notifies the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in writing no later than within 12 months after the employee started the period of posting in Norway that the period of posting needs to be extended. Such notification must state the grounds for why the period needs to be extended and which employees this concerns.
If the employer replaces a posted employee with another posted employee who performs the same task at the same location, the total duration of the periods of posting for these employees will constitute the period of posting in paragraphs one and two. When assessing what constitutes the same task at the same location, emphasis shall be placed on factors such as the nature of the service provided, the work that is to be performed and the address of the workplace.