Section 1. Scope

These Regulations apply when foreign undertakings post employees to Norway in connection with the provision of services, cf. Section 1-7, subsections 1 to 3, of the Working Environment Act, provided that there is an employment relationship between the foreign undertaking and the posted employee during the period of posting.
Sections 14a to 14e apply when a foreign undertaking, by agreement with a recipient of transport services in Norway, posts a driver to Norway for its own account, at its own risk and under its own management to engage in the:
  1. a.
    carriage of goods by road in Norway with vehicles that have a total weight exceeding 3,500 kilograms, including trailers or semi-trailers;
  2. b.
    scheduled or unscheduled carriage of passengers by road in Norway with vehicles intended for the transport of more than nine persons, including the driver.
These Regulations shall not apply on Svalbard.