Section 14e. Documentation requirement following the period of posting

If requested by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority following a period of posting, foreign undertakings that have posted a driver who has engaged in the carriage of goods or passengers as referred to in Section 14a, paragraph one, must submit:
  1. a.
    documentation referred to in Section 14d, paragraph two, (b) and (c);
  2. b.
    documentation regarding the driver's remuneration, for example, pay slips;
  3. c.
    employment contract or equivalent document accepted in the country where the undertaking is established and in compliance with the requirements in Article 3 of Directive 91/533/EEC;
  4. d.
    timesheets for the driver's work;
  5. e.
    proof of payment of remuneration.
Undertakings established in an EU member state or other countries that are authorised to use the Internal Market Information System (IMI) for this purpose shall submit the documentation to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority via IMI. Undertakings that are not authorised to use IMI must submit the documentation in the manner stipulated by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.
The obligation pursuant to paragraph one must be fulfilled within eight weeks of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority having put forward its request.