Section 14c. Obligation to submit posting declaration

Foreign undertakings that post drivers in the cases referred to in Section 14a, paragraph one must submit a posting declaration to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority at the latest at the commencement of the posting.
The posting declaration shall contain the following information:
  1. a.
    the identity of the undertaking in the form of the number of the Community licence where this number is available;
  2. b.
    the contact details of a transport manager or other contact person in the country of establishment;
  3. c.
    the name, the address of the residence and the number of the driving licence of the driver;
  4. d.
    the start date of the driver's contract of employment, and the country whose law regulates the employment arrangement;
  5. e.
    the envisaged start and end date of the posting;
  6. f.
    the number plate(s) of the vehicle(s);
  7. g.
    statement of whether the transport services performed are carriage of goods, carriage of passengers, international carriage or cabotage operations.
The undertaking must inform the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority of any changes to the information referred to in paragraph two.
Undertakings established in an EU member state or other country authorised to use the Internal Market Information System (IMI) for this purpose, must submit a posting declaration pursuant to paragraph two and any updated information pursuant to paragraph three via IMI. Foreign undertakings that are not authorised to use IMI must submit a posting declaration and any updated information using the method stipulated by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.