Section 6. Coordination

When multiple enterprises perform work at the same workplace, they must, when necessary, agree in writing as to which of them will be responsible for coordinating internal control for their common activities or areas. If no such agreement is reached, the supervisory authorities may decide which of the enterprises shall have this responsibility. If considerations relating to health, safety or the environment argue in favour of a different allocation of responsibility, the supervisory authorities may reverse an agreement that has been entered into.
When an enterprise that is the contracting authority engages contractors etc. to perform assignments at the enterprise's own area or installation, the contractor's internal control must, insofar as possible, constitute the basis for the activities covered by the assignment. This applies when the assignment is performed by the contractor personally, by own employees or by others. The contracting authority must provide information relating joint rules etc. and ensure that potential deficiencies are rectified or necessary adjustments made in its own internal control or that of the contractor.