To Section 7 – Supervisory authority

This provision establishes who is responsible for supervising compliance with the Regulations. The following agencies will be supervisory authorities pursuant to the Regulations:
  • Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Working Environment Act).
  • Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning/municipal fire prevention authorities (Fire and Explosion Protection Act).
  • Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning/Local Electrical Safety Inspection Authorities (Act relating to supervision of electrical installations and equipment and the Product Control Act when concerning consumer services and the physical, thermal, mechanical and fire prevention properties of the products).
  • Norwegian Environment Agency (Pollution Control Act, Product Control Act, Gene Technology Act; release of genetically modified organisms).
  • County Governors (Pollution Control Act and the Product Control Act with associated regulations for the industries in which the County Governor is the pollution control authority).
  • Norwegian Industrial Safety Organisation (Civil Protection Act, industrial safety).
  • Norwegian Maritime Authority (Regulations relating to recreational craft based on the Product Control Act).
  • Norwegian Directorate of Health (Gene Technology Act; contained use of genetically modified organisms).
  • Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Radiation Protection Act, the Pollution Control Act when concerning radioactive pollution and radioactive waste).
  • Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority (Section 9 of the Working Environment Act and Regulations relating to worker protection and working environment etc. for civil aviation; supervisory authority for the working environment for flying personnel in civil aviation).
The supervisory authorities use system audits and verification to assess the health, safety and environmental status of the enterprises, and place an emphasis on preventive HSE work. The supervisory authorities do not exclusively consider the direct consequences such as injuries, emissions and sick leave. The supervisory authorities will be able to provide guidance on the understanding of the requirements in the Regulations and the principles of internal control. The scope of the obligation to provide guidance is regulated by the Public Administration Act. If the enterprise is affiliated with a trade association or similar, it is also possible to obtain guidance from the association regarding, among other things, appropriate solutions in the relevant industry.