Section 8. Taking of holidays during periods of notice

(1) (Notice given by an employer)
An employer may not without the employee's consent fix holidays to periods of notice following notice given by the employer unless the period of notice is 3 months or longer. An employee may refuse to take a previously fixed holiday during such a period prior to leaving his post.
(2) (Notice given by an employee)
Subject to the conditions which follow from sections 6 and 7, holidays may be fixed and taken in the period following notice given by an employee.
(3) (Changes in the dates fixed for a holiday)
The dates fixed for a holiday may not without the employee's consent be changed owing to notice unless the conditions in section 6 (3) are met.
(4) (Right to have holidays fixed to a period of notice)
An employee may demand to take his holiday before the end of a period of notice if after that period not enough time remains in which to take the holiday within the main holiday period or the holiday year, cf. section 7 (1) and (2). An employee who himself gives notice after 15 August may nevertheless not demand to have his holiday fixed for the period before 30 September.
(5) (Departure)
The rules in this Section may not be departed from by agreement to an employee's disadvantage before notice has been given.