Section 2. To whom the Act applies

(1) (Employees)
Persons who work in the employment of others (employees) are entitled to holidays pursuant to this Act.
(2) (Employees on ships)
In respect of employees on ships or groups of such employees, the King issues Regulations concerning the more detailed rules required by the conditions of service at sea. The Regulations may depart from the rules in the present Act, but not from section 5 (1), (2), (3) and (4), first paragraph, relating to the length of holidays and section 10 (2) and (3) relating to the percentage rates of holiday pay.
(3) (Svalbard)
The King issues Regulations laying down that the Act or parts of it shall apply to Svalbard. The Regulations may depart from the rules to the present Act.
(4) (Equivalent arrangements)
The Ministry may decide that the Act or certain provisions of the Act shall not apply to groups of employees who through pay scales or collective agreements or in other ways are assured of holiday arrangements which on an overall assessment are at least as favourable as the arrangement pursuant to the present Act.
(5) (Posted employees)
The Ministry shall issue regulations concerning application of the Act in relation to posted employees, cf. section 1-7 of the Working Environment Act.