Section 6. Fixing holiday dates, changes and compensation

(1) (Who determines holiday dates)
In good time before holidays, employers shall discuss the fixing of holiday dates and setting up of holiday lists with each individual employee or his representative. If agreement is not reached, the employer fixes the holiday dates within the limits which follow from sections 7-9.
Unless otherwise agreed, employees over the age of 60 decide themselves when to take their extra holidays. Extra holidays may be taken together or divided into periods of one or more days.
(2) (Notification)
An employee may demand to be notified of the holiday dates fixed as early as possible and at the latest 2 months before the holiday begins, provided special reasons do not prevent this.
Employees aged over 60 must give employers at least 2 weeks' notice before taking extra holidays.
(3) (Changes of fixed holiday) dates, compensation, etc.)
Fixed holiday periods of which an employee has been notified can be changed by the employer if this is necessitated by unforeseen events. Such changes may only be made when, because of unforeseen events, holidays taken as fixed would cause significant operating problems, and when no replacement can be found for the employee.
The employer shall take up the question of a change with the employee in advance. The employee is entitled to the assistance of a representative at the discussion. At the discussion, the employee is obliged to present information on additional expenses for which he will claim compensation.
An employee may claim compensation for documented additional expenses resulting from the change in holiday dates. Compensation for additional expenses which were not made known by the employee at the discussion may only be claimed insofar as they appear to be natural consequences of the change.
The above provisions do not apply to cases where holiday dates are changed pursuant to sections 8 and 9.
(4) (Departure)
The rules in this Section may be departed from in a collective agreement or other agreement.