Table 7. 4. Limit values for health effects upon exposure to electromagnetic fields from 100 kHz to 6 GHz

Health effectsSpecific energy absorption rate (SAR) over a six-minute period
Limit value related to whole-body heat load0.4
Limit value related to local heat load in the head and body10
Limit value related to local heat load in limbs20
Note 7.4-1: Health effects are expressed as average SAR in the body.
Note 7.4-2: Local SAR is calculated as the mean value of a mass of 10 g coherent body tissue with almost homogeneous electric properties. Because it specifies a coherent body mass, this method can be used within electronic dosimetry, but it can be difficult in connection with direct physical measurements. A simple form, such as e.g. cubic or spherical body tissue mass can be used.