Section 1-4. Definitions - noise

For the purpose of these regulations, the following definitions shall apply:
  1. a.
    daily noise exposure level, LEX,8h: the equivalent A-weighted level (LpAeq,T) for a nominal eight-hour working day in accordance with the international standard ISO 1999:1990 points 3.5 and 3.6. It includes all noise in the workplace;
  2. b.
    limit value: a value for noise exposure that must not be exceeded;
  3. c.
    group I: working conditions where there are high demands for continuous concentration or a need for conducting unstrained conversations, and in mess rooms and recreation rooms;
  4. d.
    group II: working conditions where it is important to conduct conversations or with persistently high requirements for precision, speed and attention;
  5. e.
    group III: working conditions involving noisy machinery or equipment that are not covered by working groups I or II;
  6. f.
    peak sound pressure level, LpC,peak: the C-weighted peak emission sound pressure level, measured during a measurement period with the instrument set to ‘peak’;
  7. g.
    action value: an exposure value that requires measures to be implemented in order to reduce the health risk and unfortunate exposure to a minimum.