Section 9. Preventive measures

In connection with the work at the individual construction site, the client shall particularly require
  1. a.
    that necessary measures are taken to prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to the construction site
  2. b.
    that regard is paid to other undertakings at or near the construction site
  3. c.
    good order and a satisfactory state of cleanliness
  4. d.
    safe access to the workplaces and safe traffic routes
  5. e.
    demarcation and laying out of areas for storage of various materials, particularly hazardous materials or substances
  6. f.
    maintenance, pre-commissioning checks, and checks on installations and equipment with a view to correction of faults that may affect the employees' safety, health and working environment
  7. g.
    storage, handling and removal of waste and hazardous materials
  8. h.
    satisfactory working-hour arrangements
  9. i.
    satisfactory staff rooms
  10. j.
    adequate accommodation.