Section 13. Designation and follow-up of the coordinator

If there are several designers or several executing undertakings at the construction or civil engineering site at the same time, or in succession, the work on safety, health and the working environment must be coordinated.
The client may undertake the role of coordinator, or designate an external coordinator.
The client may designate a coordinator for the entire project, or a coordinator for the planning and design phase, and a coordinator for the execution phase, to undertake the coordination on behalf of the client in accordance with Section 14.
Designation of a coordinator will not exempt the client from their responsibility in this area.
The coordinator may not have other duties or tasks that might be in conflict with the role of coordinator. Before choosing a coordinator, the client must assess whether any such conflict can arise. The assessment must be documented.
By means of a written agreement, the client will specify which responsibilities and authority the coordinator shall have. If the client undertakes the role of coordinator, there must be an equivalent written description.
The client must regularly follow up that this coordinator fulfils their responsibilities. This follow-up must be documented by the client.
The coordinator must have the necessary knowledge of safety, health and the working environment, including working environment legislation, and also have the necessary expertise to follow up relevant risk conditions in the project.