HSE cards for cleaning services

All companies that wholly or partly provide cleaning services, are required to equip all employees performing cleaning work with HSE cards from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The HSE card shows which company you work for and who you are. The card shall be carried visibly at work.

Image of the credit card sized HSE card.

The HSE card for cleaning services from 2020.

The requirement regarding HSE cards also applies to one-man enterprises (sole proprietorships with no employees). Companies that hire out employees for cleaning work are also obliged to provide their workers with HSE cards.

The requirement for HSE cards is part of the authorisation scheme for cleaning companies.

How to apply for HSE cards

Only HSE cards issued by Evry Card Services AS on behalf of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority are valid.

You order an HSE card at hmskort.no/en.

An employer applies for HSE card for its employees. An HSE card must be applied for all employees who perform cleaning work, one card for each employment relationship. Cleaners who are employed in several places must have HSE cards from every company in which they are employed.

When a company has applied for approval via the website altinn.no, it will, if all conditions are met, receive a letter stating that they can order HSE cards. Only when the company has an HSE card for all its cleaners will it receive final status as approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. When the company hires new cleaners, HSE cards must be ordered for them.

Ordering the HSE card

The employer is obliged to verify the employee's identity before submitting an application for an HSE card. Employees must be registered in all relevant registers before they can receive an HSE card. The card order will not be accepted if this is not in order. You can read more about these requirements at hmskort.no/en.

If persons other than those who have a formal role registered in Register of Legal Entities (Enhetsregisteret) for the company, are to order HSE cards for the company, they must be given a personal authorization. Authorization is granted on hmskort.no after login.

About the HSE card

The card is valid as long as you are employed in the company, but for a maximum of two years.

The HSE card shall be carried visibly and shall on request be shown to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, the Tax Administration or any other body with a legitimate need to control the card.

The HSE card is personal and should not be passed on to others. It is important to note that HSE cards are the property of the company, not the employees.

The Labour Inspectorate and the Norwegian Tax Authorities may withdraw expired and invalid HSE cards.

Notes for employees

You must obtain an HSE card from your employer. The card is associated with your employment by a specific company. If you have more than one employer, you must have one HSE card for each employment relationship.

You must immediately notify your employer if you lose or have your HSE card stolen. The employer must order a new card. If you stop working for the company, you must return the card to the employer.

Rules and regulations

Forskrift om offentlig godkjenning av renholdsvirksomheter og om kjøp av renholdstjenester: kapittel 3. Bestemmelser om HMS-kort

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