Section 2-25. Marking

Work equipment not subject to a requirement for CE marking shall be marked with the manufacturer’s, or, for imported work equipment, the importer’s name and address, or have other marking that makes it easy to identify the manufacturer or importer. If there is no room for marking on the work equipment, the marking shall be affixed to the packaging.
Insofar as it is important with a view to safety, the following information shall be marked indelibly and legibly on the work equipment, in Norwegian:
  1. a)
    type, model number and production year;
  2. b)
  3. c)
    function and warning symbols;
  4. d)
    maximum permitted load;
  5. e)
    maximum permitted pressure for hydraulic and pneumatic devices;
  6. f)
    data for energy supply, rpm etc.;
  7. g)
    necessary designation of lifting points for transport, see Section 2-19;
  8. h)
    warning of explosion hazard, contact hazard, toxic gases etc.