Section 15. Breaks

Breaks shall be taken as needed, or after a maximum of six working hours. The break shall be at least 30 minutes if the daily working time total between six and nine hours, and at least 45 minutes if the daily working time total more than nine hours. The breaks may be divided into periods of at least 15 minutes each.
When the employee is required to work overtime of more than two hours' duration after the normal working time have been completed, the employee shall first be given a break of at least 30 minutes. When the circumstances make it necessary, this break may be shortened or postponed. Breaks that are arranged after the end of normal working time shall be reimbursed as overtime work but are not included in the number of hours it is permitted to work overtime under section 11. If the break is postponed to a time before the end of normal working time, it is considered a part of the normal working time.
Trainees and apprentices are covered by the same provisions on rest time as other employees are entitled to under Regulations concerning driving and rest time for road transport in the EEA or the AETR Regulations.