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Application for a permit for use of a foreign proficiency certificate

Bestillingsnummer 612-ENG

for forklift trucks, cranes and/or earth moving machines

Norwegian legislation provides that EEA citizens with foreign proficiency certificates for forklift trucks, cranes and/or earth moving machines must apply to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority for permits to use their foreign proficiency certificates if they wish to use the following work equipment in Norway:

  • Gantry cranes and overhead travelling cranes (if the use involves danger to life or health)
  • tower cranes
  • mobile cranes
  • portal cranes
  • Cranes with a capacity greater than 2 tm mounted on a truck or truck trailer
  • lifting and stacking vehicles for goods with a permanent operator’s cabin on the vehicle
  • earth moving machines with an effect greater than 15 kW (20.4 hp)

You can use the electronic form in the links provided below to apply for a permit to use your foreign proficiency certificate.

See the link in the right hand margin for more information about the application process.

Electronic form

You can download this form and fill it out on your own computer. The form is available for download in both Word and ODF format:

The completed application form is to be printed out and sent with enclosures to:

Arbeidstilsynet Midt-Norge
Postboks 4720 Torgard
7468 Trondheim

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