Foreign workers and contractors travelling to Norway

Are you a foreign worker or contractor travelling to Norway to work? The following is required prior to entry into Norway.

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This information was last updated on July 1st. Changes after this date, will not be updated on this website before August 9th. You must therefore check for yourself which rules apply in the period July 1st to August 9th. If you have any questions in the meanwhile, please contact us on Facebook Messenger or by telephone (our support by telephone is in Norwegian and English only).

Are you fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19? 

If you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 during the last 6 months, and you can present a valid EU digital COVID certificate with a QR-code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities, you can enter Norway freely. In addition, you are exempt

  • entry quarantine
  • testing
  • requirements for registration in the entry register

Read more about corona certificate (

If you have not been fully vaccinated or have not had COVID-19, you must do the following:

Before you arrive in Norway

1. Check that the work you will perform is exempt from the entry restrictions for Norway ( Contact your employer or contracting client if you have any questions.

2. You must register in the entry register (

3. You must check if you must quarantine upon entry. You must be in travel quarantine if you come from an area with an entry quarantine duty (

4. If you must quarantine upon entry, you must, as a general rule, stay in a quarantine hotel. You are only exempt from quarantine hotels if the employer or contracting client has provided a suitable place of residence that has been approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. The employer or client must have applied to the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in advance.

Upon entry, you must be able to document that the place of residence has been approved, for example with a copy of the approval decision from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. More information for employers or contracting clients (in Norwegian).

There are several exceptions from the requirement to stay in a quarantine hotel in the COVID-19 regulations § 5 (in Norwegian,

5. You must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 test. The test must have been taken no more than 24 hours prior to arrival in Norway. More information about requirements (

6. You will need to show the following documentation at immigration, or you may be denied entry:

  • documentation proving that you are exempt from the entry restrictions
  • if you will not be staying in a quarantine hotel, you must present:
    • documentation from your employer or contracting client proving that you will stay in approved accommodation during your quarantine after arrival
    • confirmation that you have your own home or other suitable place of residence
  • a receipt from the entry register
  • documentation of a negative COVID-19 test taken during the 24 hours prior to your arrival

When entering Norway

7. When entering Norway, you must take a new COVID-19 test, either at the airport or at the border. It is also mandatory to take a test on day 7 after entry for everyone who arrives from an area with a quarantine duty. More information about testing (

8. If you have to be in travel quarantine, you must, as a main rule, be in quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine period may be shortened if you have received a negative test result on a test taken no earlier than day seven after arrival in Norway. More information about travel quarantine (

Take the quarantine check to find out the rules that will apply for you (

9. You will receive a text message/call from the National centre for control of travellers to Norway. The centre will provide information about the rules and report to the local authorities and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, who will follow up travellers. 

It is your responsibility to follow the infection control rules in Norway.

Overview of rules and recommendations (

More information about international travels (

Safe working conditions

Workers in Norway are entitled to safe working conditions.

Read more your about rights and obligations

Contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

If you have any questions, please contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection. 

Contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority by phone or email

Contact the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority on Facebook Messenger

Let us know of any poor working environment conditions

Let us know if you witness any violations of infection control measures at the workplace, or if there is poor work environment conditions.

Report to the Labour Inspection Authority