Section 10-9. Start and stop of work equipment

It must only be possible to start work equipment by deliberate use of control devices that are intended for the purpose.
The same shall apply to:
  1. a.
    restart after a stop, regardless of the reason for the stop;
  2. b.
    control of a material change in the operating conditions, for example speed, pressure etc., unless such restart or change is of no danger to exposed employees.
The requirements in the previous paragraph do not apply to automatic work equipment if the restart or change in the working conditions is an integral part of the normal work operation.
Work equipment shall have control devices that make it possible to bring it to a complete and safe stop.
Each work station must be fitted with a control device capable of stopping some or all of the work equipment depending on the nature of the danger, so that the work equipment is safe.
The stop order for the equipment shall have priority over the start order. When the work equipment or its dangerous parts have been stopped, the energy supply to the actuators concerned must be switched off.