Section 2 A-2 Procedure in connection with notification

(1) An employee may always notify internally

  • a) to the employer or a representative of the employer
  • b) in accordance with the undertakingșs notification routines
  • c) in accordance with the obligation to notify
  • d) via a safety representative, union representative or lawyer.

(2) An employee may always notify externally to a public supervisory authority or other public authority.

(3) An employee may notify externally to the media or the public at large if

  • a) the employee is in non-negligent good faith regarding the content of the notification,
  • b) the notification concerns censurable conditions of general interest, and
  • c) the employee has first notified internally or has reason to believe that internal notification would not be appropriate.

(4) The employer has the burden of proof that notification has been made in contravention of sections 2 A-1 and 2 A-2.